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Thanks to the following organizations for their generous support:
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Trip funding partially underwritten by a generous donation from the University Of Rochester Medical Center
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In addition to paying tribute to my father, this journey also served as a way to raise money for the entrepreneurial scholarship that my family set up in honor of my father at the University Of Rochester Graduate School Of Nursing.

Jerry Klainer was an entrepreneur at heart who always looked to support emerging entrepreneurship in places where it was not yet recognized. Before his death, my father had become interested in promoting nursing entrepreneurship as a way to help solve the need for affordable health care in America. My father believed that the one way to help fix our health care system was to empower nurses, the men and women in the trenches, to make a difference by finding new and better methods for saving lives.

In order to continue this work, my family established the Dr. Jeremy A. Klainer Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund at the University Of Rochester Graduate School Of Nursing. The Scholarship Fund's mission is to provide funds for healthcare professionals to learn the skills of entrepreneurship, thereby empowering themselves to seek out new and better ways to provide healthcare in America.

In order to endow this scholarship, we need to raise a minimum of $100,000. My family pledged the initial $50,000, and we committed to raising the remaining $50,000 through fundraising efforts that honor the memory and the legacy of my Father. I ask for your support in achieving this goal.

An important note - the Klainer family and the University of Rochester Medical Center underwrote the entire cost of the bicycle trip, so 100% of your donations go directly to the Dr. Jeremy A. Klainer Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund. Additionally, all donations to the Fund are 100% tax deductible to the extent provided by law - if you donate over $250, you will receive a confirmation notice from the University of Rochester for use with IRS tax returns.

Donation Instructions

There are two ways to make a donation:

1) Donate Online by clicking here.

[Please make sure to select 'Klainer Endowed Chair' from the drop-down menu on the University website]

2) Donate by Mail:

University of Rochester School of Nursing
c/o Klainer Endowed Chair
300 E. River Road, P.O. Box 278996
Rochester, NY

Phone: 800-333-4428

Please make checks payable to the Dr. Jeremy A. Klainer Entrepreneurial Scholarship.

All donors will receive a Letter of Acknowledgement from the University of Rochester within 2 weeks of donation for use with IRS tax returns. If you do not receive the letter, please call them directly at 800-333-4428.

Contact Matt: matt@NOSPAMrideacross.com (remove the 'NOSPAM' before sending)