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So here he is, my Dad. It's pretty easy to convey in words who he was to others, but pretty difficult to convey who he was to me. Below you'll see the former, and I'll allow my actions to speak for the latter.

In his work life, my father was a serial entrepreneur who, along with my mother, founded Professional Planning Associates Inc.. PPA is a financial services firm based in Rochester with clients nationwide. During his time as President of PPA, he was continually starting other small ventures. He always loved starting and growing businesses.

He loved fitness in general, but his real passion was cycling. He was a regular at World Gym of Rochester (they even named the spinning room after him) and on the weekend club rides with Rochester Bicycling Club.

He graduated from MIT with a degree in chemistry and from the University of Illinois with an MBA and a PHD also in Chemistry. He then went on to complete his service with the Army and then start his career as a financial planner.

Again, this is but a small snapshot of my father. Hopefully throughout my journey, you will have the opportunity to learn more through my email travelogues.

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